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Cybersecurity has become a massive issue in our increasingly digital world. Businesses and individuals are at risk of cyber attacks from criminals and nation-states, resulting in the theft of sensitive information or even physical damage to infrastructure. To protect themselves, businesses need to have a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. This includes installing antivirus software, updating security patches, and training employees to spot phishing emails and take appropriate precautions online.

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User Support

User support is a critical part of any productive company. It is the first line of defence against frustrated users and can make or break a customer’s experience. Good user support teams are proactive, responsive, and knowledgeable. We work to solve problems before they become more significant issues. We are always available to help users navigate the technical issues that can severely impact productivity.

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Device Management

To keep your devices running smoothly and securely, it is essential to use device management tools. Device management allows you to control and monitor your devices remotely, making it easy to manage updates, privacy settings, etc. There are many different device management tools available, so it is essential to find the one that best suits your needs.

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Packaging and Deployment

Apple software packaging and deploying software is an essential process for any company's efficient management of their Apple ecosystem to ensure that the delivered product meets all quality and security requirements and consistency with other products and packages on the device. It is essential to have a reliable and efficient software packaging and deployment solution to make the process as smooth and trouble-free as possible

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Infrastructure and Networking

Infrastructure is the physical foundation of a business, while networking allows businesses to connect and communicate with each other. These two components work together to provide the foundation your business needs to grow and succeed. Companies that neglect their infrastructure and networking will likely find themselves at a disadvantage compared to their competitors. Your networking setup is also critical to your success. A good network will allow your employees to share files and information quickly and easily. It will also keep your data safe and secure. If you want your business to be successful, you need to have a robust infrastructure and networking setup.

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Email and Collaboration

An email is an essential tool for collaborating with colleagues, clients, and others outside your organisation. IT In Motion provides complete administration, support and management of our client’s email and collaboration tools, e.g. Office365, SharePoint, Google Workspace Dropbox and other cloud-based file-sharing/email solutions.

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Patching & Ongoing management

Operating systems and software applications are released with security patches to fix known vulnerabilities. It is essential to install these patches as soon as they are available. However, patch management is not a one-time event. On-going patching and management are critical for the security of any organisation. By implementing a patch management process and staying up-to-date on patches, you can help protect your systems from known vulnerabilities. It is also essential to have a process to monitor your systems for signs of attack. Using the latest tools and technologies can help keep your systems safe from the latest threats. This can be challenging for any organisation.

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